Thursday, 4 February 2016

There Are Lot of Good Things Coming Your Way!

Greetings To All ! 

I know yesterday's post was soul stirring and deep. But as I say in my blog's description, so yesterday was We Humans and today is about World Outside. Besides being a hyper sensitive human being, I am also known as a little chef by my family and friends. 

We all need soul food but at the same time we need home food. Now a days there are numerous websites and blogs about cooking. No, my discussion about food & cooking is certainly not going to be anything like Julie/Julia project. 
It would be more like Food for Thought, with practicality. 

My parents always had a proper cook at our home but my beloved mother's cooking surpassed others'. There's been something amazing and inspiring about the way the cooked since my childhood. She never measures sugar or spices and yet the taste is always deliciously accurate. 
Today I am going to share her unique recipe of Qulfi with dried apricots & figs. A dessert that she invented with a TOTAL different flavour, nowhere to be found in the whole world. 

3 cups  full fat milk
4 tbsp khoya (evaporated milk) crumbled
10 dried figs (washed and roughly chopped)
10 dried apricots (washed and seeded)
3 tbsp regular sugar 
1 tbsp corn flour
3 tbsp milk (to dissolve corn flour) 
20 pistachios (shelled and finely chopped)
20 almonds (finely chopped)
4 cardamoms (seeds powdered)
     In a wide pan, heat the milk on a low flame along with the figs and apricots for at least about 18 to 20 mins. The milk will now reduce and thicken in the meanwhile. By this time figs and apricots will be softened, so sieve the milk, take out the fruits and blend it well with little hot milk. Pour this back into the sieved milk and put it back on the flame. Dissolve the corn flour in 3 tbsp milk and keep aside. After 18 to 20 mins, add the sugar and stir well. Let the sugar dissolve and after few minutes, add the corn flour mix. Keep on stirring after adding the paste, so no lumps are formed. After 5 mins, when the mixture has thickened, add khoya, chopped, almonds, cardamom powder and saffron. Just simmer for a minute or two on low flame, constantly stirring so that the khoya is diluted evenly and the milk mixture is heavy. Remove from the flame. Add kewra water. Let the qulfi mixture cool while covered. While still very warm, pour the qulfi mixture in moulds or in an air tight ice cream plastic container. Freeze it. Once well set, unmould, slice it and serve it on a plate immediately.
Secret tip: add salty biscuits on the side of qulfi for a kick of flavour. 

Bon Appetit  and Enjoy !

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